‘E’ is for ADDITIVES

         ‘E’ is for ADDITIVES – You are what you eat We are sufficiently concerned at the problems with a large percentage of the dogs that we deal with that can be linked to a certain type of pet food that we have been prompted to write this page. One particular brand alone appears to be responsible … Read more

  WESTIE REHOMING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY COVER Jacqui and Robert will be taking urgent calls covering the whole of the Christmas and New Year break, on 0844 879 4260, 24 hours a day. If you have a general enquiry about rehoming we would appreciate if it could wait until after Christmas Day/Boxing Day so that we can try to spend some … Read more


CHRISTMAS WITH YOUR PET The festive season is upon us and the excitement is slowly gaining momentum as we prepare for this fun filled time of the year. Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays without any hiccups so here’s a few things to consider over the next few weeks before the celebrations begin. Christmas can often bring many changes to … Read more


                   Dogs get very invigorated by cold weather and snow. They may ignore the pain of frostbite and the effects of beginning hypothermia if they are having fun. This happens more often when they are playing with other dogs or animals or their owners.     Do keep a watchful eye on … Read more