‘E’ is for ADDITIVES

         ‘E’ is for ADDITIVES – You are what you eat We are sufficiently concerned at the problems with a large percentage of the dogs that we deal with that can be linked to a certain type of pet food that we have been prompted to write this page. One particular brand … Read more


CHRISTMAS WITH YOUR PET The festive season is upon us and the excitement is slowly gaining momentum as we prepare for this fun filled time of the year. Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays without any hiccups so here’s a few things to consider over the next few weeks before the celebrations begin. Christmas can … Read more


                   Dogs get very invigorated by cold weather and snow. They may ignore the pain of frostbite and the effects of beginning hypothermia if they are having fun. This happens more often when they are playing with other dogs or animals or their owners.     Do … Read more

Our Christmas Message

Just when you thought you’d seen all the Christmas advertisements we post our message to you. Ours is not a cheery one, but an essentially hard hitting message as our charity, and others like us have to pick up the pieces sooner or later, sometimes as early as Boxing Day! Puppies for Christmas. Christmas is … Read more

CANINE CAPERS Radio Show – on harvestmoonradio.com

Jacqui of Westie Rehoming has linked with Harvest Moon Radio to broadcast an online radio show every other Thursday at 6pm. She was asked to host the show by Richard Edgar of Harvest Moon Radio  in Royal Deeside,  who has a lovely little westie called Bella from the charity.  The show has a selection of music … Read more

DISCOVER DOGS THIS WEEKEND with 2018 calendar launch

            Discover Dogs has been taking place this weekend at the ExCel Centre in London.  We have taken a break from attending with the stand this year due to pressure of rehoming work, and will miss meeting westie lovers and chatting to those wanting to adopt a dog. I have … Read more


Beautiful rescue westie Barney celebrated his birthday last week, and with a little help from his ‘mum’ Lauren Kerrison raised a whopping £730 in honour of the event. Just 16 years young, he is bright as a button and Lauren wanted to give other rescue westies the same chance that he has had at a … Read more


SOME TIPS TO HELP YOUR PET SURVIVE BONFIRE NIGHT – (the Silly Season is upon us again!) Bonfire night can be a very scary time for pets, particularly if your dog is particularly sound sensitive. It is now fashionable to have firework displays at any time of year bringing untold misery for your pets, particularly … Read more