Bring Your Dog To Work Day

June 25th 2021

Should dogs be allowed in the workplace? Research shows that taking your dog to work can really boost the wellbeing of the staff. In fact, 45% of people said that they were more likely to apply for a job where dogs are allowed in the office, and most people saw it as a huge bonus. They get more work done, and are happier on the job. The staff generally feel more relaxed, the dogs spread a little happiness and make everyone smile.

We feel so privileged to be able to mostly work from home and enjoy the company of our dogs, and they ours.

However, sometimes it becomes a little tricky, not to mention embarrassing if we’re on a zoom call and a couple of them might choose to have a disagreement, or do a ‘photobomb’ whilst washing their unmentionables. Doggy people are usually very understanding though, and it sometimes raises a smile and helps to break the ice.

For over a year now those who can have been encouraged to work from home. This has been wonderful for many humans and dogs alike, but some dogs love their job so much that they can’t wait to get back to work.

We rehomed little Charlie a few years ago when his owner didn’t have the time to devote to him any longer and he spent a lot of time on his own. What a change of fortunes for him when he was adopted by a lovely couple who owned a family-run coach company. Charlie soon became the company mascot and hit the road with his ‘dad’ on his tours as a driver.

A very well travelled Westie, just some of the places and venues Charlie has visited on coach holidays are Lands End to John O Groats, Northern and southern Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Wight. In other words most of the UK, and too many stays in different hotels to remember. He has sailed on boats in the Lake District, and around the Farne Islands, been on narrow gauge railways in N Wales, various heritage railways all over the UK, chair lifts to the top of Ben Nevis and the Cairngorms in Scotland.

 He has been on a vernicular railway to the top of Snowdon in N Wales, has walked on the Giants Causeway in N Ireland, been right up to the steps of Stormont, the NI government HQ in Belfast, round the Dingle and Ring o Kerry in S Ireland. He even has a ticket from the pleasure boats on Lake Windermere, which says, ‘A well behaved dog’. 

His fellow passengers love him! To give you some idea of his popularity, a hotel that they go to for group lunches at Flamborough Head in East Yorkshire several times a year, bring Charlie his lunch out, (usually best steak), served first.

To get them on the road again and make them Covid compliant, they use full vehicle disinfection using the latest Fogging Technologies.

All of the passengers and staff are required to wear facemasks onboard, and all passengers boarding their Private Hire services have their temperatures taken prior to boarding.

His ‘dad’ tells us “When passengers are getting onto the coach, usually the first words are, “HELLO CHARLIE”,  as the driver I am invisible to them, he is greatly loved by all, has plenty of walks, lots of cuddles and is and well fed”. 

We are sure that he gets a lot of pleasure out of his travels, loves his new life and also gives a lot of pleasure to other people as well.  Long may it continue.

Another little guy that loves to hit the road is Teddy, who is owned by Graeme Giles of Ayrshire who we met a couple of years ago on a trip to Scotland. Teddy is the mascot of Graeme’s minibus tour business ‘Scottish Terrier Tours’.

Teddy is very popular with the tourists and an excellent ambassador for his country. Like Charlie, he is very well travelled and much photographed in the Highlands and Islands.

Westies really do seem to excel at ‘Tourism’ and love every minute of it. In the office environment and out of it, they love the adoration!

Wherever you work we hope that you can take your dog with you on ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’. Maybe it will be such a success that it can become a regular thing.

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