Our lovely lad Harry. We got Harry in April 2011 from Westie ReHoming. We had had our other beautiful Westie Robbie for 11 years and lost him to cancer. We decided to give rehoming a chance although we had never done it before. I collected Harry from Stoke a bit apprehensive but willing to give … Read more


Cormarty – 10.1.97 to 5.9.13 10.1.97 to 5.9.13 Missed so much Debbie and Colin


Oscar and friend I became a volunteer for Westie Rehoming because my husband likes ‘big dogs’ and so I wouldn’t be tempted to keep one! Then along came Oscar with the nastiest of tempers, bad skin and very sore ears & eyes. I took him to the vets and was told under no circumstance must … Read more


Our darling Tilly Our darling Tilly….always in our hearts

ANNIE, left us March 4th 2013

We had her from 1st October 2002-4th March 2013 A rescue dog, Annie was about 14 – 16 when she died. She was a strong, independent and sometimes extremely stubborn lady with a great personality.


BJ (28/2/13) – A unique little dog A unique little dog who even though he was with us a short time, completely captured our hearts. Maureen and Patrick


ERIN 27/05/2000 to 05/02/2013 Thank you my sweet girl for giving us so much love and cuddles for nearly 13 years. You came to us when you were just a little puppy, and since then we have never had a dull moment! I miss our romps through the fields, the way you sat by my … Read more


Scruffy 28/2/97 to10/12/10 The nearly 14 years that we had with him were times that we will never forget, he brought us so much joy & pleasure. The decision to let him go was extremely hard but we couldn’t bear to see him suffer any more. Night night little man, sleep tight little man, for … Read more


POPPY (28 Feb 1998 — 25 Oct 2010) Forever in my Heart You came into my life and stole my heart 18 months ago. You were adored by all and you had been your normal happy self until you were taken from me that night without any warning. My constant companion and my loyal friend, … Read more