Dougie and Hamish

Dougie and Hamish

Dougie and Hamish

My beautiful twin boys aged 15

Dougie 03/04/2001 – 03/05/2016
Hamish 03/04/2001 – 14/07/2016

If love could have saved you, you would have both lived forever.

Oh my beautiful baby boys, our home is so empty and lifeless without you, the sound of your paws on the wooden floor, the sound of your barks at the window as the children go past on their scooters and the sound of you running through the doggy flap to chase birds in the garden. Every morning I wake up to check on you both, to see your wagging tails and then realise it wasn’t the worst nightmare unimaginable and that you have gone to sleep forevermore. With your unconditional love, you have helped me through the most difficult times of my life over the years and I am eternally thankful to you for that and for coming into my life to let me be your Mummy and giving me 15 wonderful and amazing years.

My bravest little Dougie Dyson Dallas Cash, the one with the cheeky gorgeous face, independent by day, cuddling into me by night. You coped so well with the treatment but it was not to be…it has been agony for me & Hamish since 3rd May without you and now your twin brother Hamish is with you, that I can take some comfort in.
My Baby Hamish Kebab, my georgous little boy, always by my side and on my lap. Oh how you coped with your conditional over the last 2 years until it took hold on 14th July. Thank you for being there for me since our Dougie fell asleep, I hope you are both running around together as you always did.

I love & miss you both so very much, beyond words, so please look out for each other until the day my time comes and we will be reunited for eternity. Life will never be the same without you both but I will hold tightly onto and cherish all of our happy memories.

Always & Forever – your Mummy x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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