ERIN 27/05/2000 to 05/02/2013

Thank you my sweet girl for giving us so much love and cuddles for nearly 13 years. You came to us when you were just a little puppy, and since then we have never had a dull moment! I miss our romps through the fields, the way you sat by my pillow waiting for me to wake up every morning, and the way you used to run into the kitchen whenever carrots were being chopped! Everyone at the vets said that you were the nicest westie they had ever met, and they all loved you and were very sad when the time came to say goodbye – they even drew a heart on your medicine packet.


We will always love you and know that you will be waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge. As I always said to you when I was going out – ‘See you in a minute’ ,

from your Mummy Madeleine, and Mummy Martha xxxxx