Oscar and friend


I became a volunteer for Westie Rehoming because my husband likes ‘big dogs’ and so I wouldn’t be tempted to keep one! Then along came Oscar with the nastiest of tempers, bad skin and very sore ears & eyes. I took him to the vets and was told under no circumstance must he be placed with children. I returned home distraught and it was then my husband said , “He’s not going anywhere, he’s staying with us.’ That was 6 years ago. It took some time for him to settle and he found his own space in our dining room. Then with lots of coaxing and loving care, he became a most loveable and faithful friend to both of our Beardies and especially to my husband. Oscar always retained his obstinate and amusing ways; he loved going for walks with my husband but he would only let me put his lead on, for example.

Three weeks ago, we were due to go on holiday taking our dogs with us. Oscar ‘s breathing began to be laboured and after my husband carried him into the garden to do his duty, he returned and put Oscar into his bed in the dining room where he simply went to sleep for ever. We both cried buckets because right up to the end, he had done what was right for him. His ashes are to be scattered in the wood at the end of our road where he loved to snuffle amongst the leaves. Thankyou Westie Rehoming for letting us share 6 wonderful years with him. – Joan Rowland 11.07.13.