14th of July, 2014 – A very informative and entertaining presentation

Who’d have thought that a seminar on Dog Law could be so amusing and entertaining as well as informative? Ours held on July 12th was a massive success, and was attended by professionals and dog owners alike. Charismatic top dog law specialist Trevor Cooper is a breath of fresh air, his delivery is plain speaking and clearly shows a passion for defending dogs which of course is why he is so successful. The seminar covered civil law as well as criminal law and the very reasonable price of a ticket was considered by some to be the best £20 they have spent in a long time. All attendees are now well informed and most are already making changes to ensure that they comply with the present law, or those due to be foisted upon us later this year.

Sadly, the irresponsible owners would never be interested in what Trevor had to say, and all of those attending were already responsible owners interested in the protection of their dogs. If you ever get the chance to attend a Doglaw seminar near you we would urge you to attend. Details will be on Trevor’s website,

After the seminar some volunteers came back to ‘HQ’ for supper in the garden in the company of 11 westies, and a very good time was had by all. A most enjoyable day. Click to hear Trevor Cooper

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