JJ 3rd June 2005 to 9th April 2014

Our One and Only JJ

Thank you Son, for being you,
The way you talked & played,
all the silly things you’d do,
Gone quiet where once you laid.

We miss your lovely little teeth,
The tap tap of your paws,
forever in our hearts,
We promise you for sure.

You taught us love and laughter,
And stopped our silly fights,
We learned this too late after,
That you were always right.

We’re very lonely dear,
Now that you have gone above,
We can’t believe you’re no longer here,
our little baby, our only love.

They say ‘dogs go to heaven’,
and with you i know it’s true,
The angels must be loving you,
just like we used to do.

We think of you every single day,
Your the best ‘person’ we ever knew,
Perfect in every single way,
We’re really blessed to have known you.

So Thank You once again my son,
For serving us so true,
Forever and always in our hearts,
JJ – We Love You.


XxX Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother & Alfie XxX

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