No longer held in our arms, forever carried in our hearts – we think of you every day.

Ben came to us after a friend’s mum became too ill to look after him. Lizzie, who was a young Westie then, after a few minutes study licked his ear and accepted 5-year old Ben into our household. He was with us for 12 wonderful years until his passing last year aged 17.

All terriers have character and there’s none with more character than a Westie. Ben was no exception – strong-willed, mischievous, cheeky, lovable and funny. He would lie out on the deck on summer days grinning in the sunshine and roll about in the snow like a puppy in the winter. He would grumble when he was picked up but was never in a rush to be put on the floor again. He was an independent wee man but loyal and loving to the end. He was our friend, we miss him.

Helen, Ian and Lizzie xxx

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