RADLEY November 1st 2005 to September 8th 2015


Jacqui and Robert Ferris-Woods came out to us September 2006 with a bundle of fun ‘Roman Bank Dollar’ – Radley. He immediately settled right into our home and a part of us all completely fell in love with him that day. The next day Jacqui rang to ask if we would like to adopt him …’like’ – we would LOVE to have him!

He settled right into the madness that was the Hayes Family. We needed him …. more than he needed us. He was such a character, barked at the horses on the tv, hated big black dogs so much that we had to cross the other side of the road if we saw one but all that aside he was the most loving, caring, loyal dog we will ever have.

We will never be able to replace him – he was one in a million.

Thank you so much Jacqui and Robert for placing Radley into our care for nearly 10 years – we loved him as hard as we could for all the years we had him. We have a gaping hole in all our hearts right now that we are not sure will ever heal. Our home is not the same.

‘Radley you have left paw prints on our hearts forever’

Until we see you again little man, Love you always from your family Xxxxx