My best pal

SNOWY 17th February 2015

Snowy came to us on 14 Mar 07 and he was in a bad way having been pretty much locked in a caravan for years with an elderly owner. My wife and I took him in to foster and after a couple of failed rehoming attempts we decided to keep him. He was a bit wiffy (ears and mouth) but with some teeth removed and the canaural/cotton bud treatment we unstunk him.

He was a very loving dog and so cute with his snaggly tooth. He had both cruciates replaced (under insurance thank heavens), went deaf and was going blind but he soldiered on.

Always full of energy and mischief, he was vocal, loved a bark and a moan. Did not like being on his own but that rarely happened, he soon became a cracking wee friend.

He had started to develop an oversized heart which was compensating for his dodgy lung and after a visit to the oxygen tent at the vets he went rapidly downhill that night and took his last breath in my arms.

He will be sorely missed and I still find myself listening out for him in the mornings when I get up.

Take care Snow and see you for a walk upstairs. XXXXX Mark Barrass

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