When The North Wind Doth Blow …

15th of January, 2016 – As temperatures get set to plummet, here are some tips to help your dog stay snug.

After an unbelievably mild winter so far and the warmest December for 100 years temperatures are set to take a nose-dive this weekend. We have been lulled into a false sense of security and the freezing conditions will no doubt take us all by surprise. Dogs can be very badly affected by the cold conditions and need to be protected from the elements.

Please take a look at our article with tips to help your dog by clicking on the link here. And please don’t forget to rinse the salt and grit off your dog’s pads when you come in from a walk. This is so important, but often overlooked.

Stay safe!!

CLICK HERE to read our tips on helping your dog survive the cold weather

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