Archie Nelson


Archie Nelson

Our much loved and cherished boy taken too soon.

ARCHIE NELSON – 05 Nov 2009 to 30 Dec 2014

You came into my life and melted my heart
It pains me so for us to part
The “evil” postman will now be free to roam
Without the fear of the Westie home

Its been only hours since you left this mortal plain
Leaving my life full of pain
You should be here to walk me home from the pub
To be rewarded with a belly rub

I wish you the best in your travels to come
And no doubt I won’t always be glum
So farewell my faithful West’
You have been and remain the very best

Love from Jemma and Dave

You meant the world too us both, and not coming home to you will hurt every day.

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