Canine Touch weekend workshop

Some happy delegates and their dogs

Canine Touch is a technique, designed to optimize the function of soft tissue, balance the nervous system and positively affect the body’s energy to facilitate both good emotional and physical health.

It consists of gentle moves performed over muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. The unique and powerful Canine Touch move when performed over these ‘Key’ areas can bring about profound positive changes in the dog’s body at all levels: physical, emotional and behavioral.

Canine Touch may be performed on young dogs to help them deal with their active life, as well as ‘oldies’ who can greatly benefit from a gentle session. It can help support function-impaired organs and relieve pain from the musculoskeletal system – arthritic joints and tight muscles.

It will help to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system, which in turn will help to protect joint function. Releasing the muscles and encouraging repair of those muscles will help to reinstate the joint to its normal correct working position.

The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the weekend which was highly educational. We would highly recommend that you consider a course in Canine Touch if one is being held in your area.

It was an intensive but highly enjoyable weekend, and the skills that we all took away with us will benefit the dogs enormously.

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