Christmas With Your Pets

Christmas With Your Pets

[wp_show_posts id=”1599″] The festive season is upon us and the excitement is slowly gaining momentum as we prepare for this fun filled time of the year. Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays without any hiccups so here’s a few things to consider over the next few weeks before the celebrations begin. Christmas can often bring…

Keeping Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

14th of July, 2014. UK enjoys the first heatwave of 2014.Here are some tips to help your dog cope.   We are currently enjoying temperatures in the mid twenties, but it may not be so much fun for your dog. Please read our tips for helping him cope ad stay cool. CLICK HERE TO OPEN Wellbeing Hot weather

Crash, Bang, Wallop

4th of October, 2013.Some tips to help your pet survive New Year fireworks Once again, the silly season is upon us, when legalised explosives terrify the life out of our pets. It has become popular to fire off devices worthy of a war zone for any celebration or party, the louder the better. A dog’s…