Keep Your Dog Safe in the HOT Weather

6th of June, 2013 – Some tips to help your dog TO COPE WITH THE HEAT

padding pool dog

In view of the current heatwave please remember the impact that the heat can have on your pet’s medications and store them at a cool temperature, preferably in the refrigerator. Insulin in particular can be rendered inactive by high temperatures and is absorbed at a much faster rate and so your dog is more likely to go into a ‘hypo’. CHECK WITH YOUR VET.

We have just purchased a couple of aids to keeping our dogs cool from the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. We recommend the CANINE COOLER MAT, and the COOL COAT ( size small fits most westies).

Visit their excellent online store at

Please remember that your dog does not enjoy the hot weather as much as you do! The heat can be very distressing and even fatal for your pet, and we have listed some tips to help your dog to cope with our (albeit short) summer temperatures.

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