Our lovely lad Harry.

We got Harry in April 2011 from Westie ReHoming. We had had our other beautiful Westie Robbie for 11 years and lost him to cancer. We decided to give rehoming a chance although we had never done it before.

I collected Harry from Stoke a bit apprehensive but willing to give it a go.He fell into our way of life perfectly and was an absolute joy we could not believe our luck at having such a fantastic dog. We never thought we would ever get a replacement for Robbie but Harry loved us and we loved him very much.

He started with a limp so we took him to the vet for him to have a look. He gave him some anti inflammatory tablets for what was thought to be arthritis. He didn’t respond so we took him back to the vet. It was decided he should have an x ray. The vet rang to say that day that he had not come through the anaesthetic and he had passed away. It makes you wonder why we put ourselves through this, but it is far outweighed by the love and fun our animals give. We are absolutely devastated and miss him terribly.The two and a half years he was with us we will never forget.

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