Neighbourhood Watch Week, June 5th – 12th 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Week – June 5th – June 12th 2021

Lots of people get a dog because they want extra security around their home. Westies make excellent watch dogs, they don’t miss a thing!

A watch dog will tell their owner if somebody is coming close to their house.  Westies are intense, a big dog in a little body. They are an excellent vocal deterrent and their barking will often deter an unwanted visitor that is perceived by them to be a threat to their security. 

Feisty little blighters, they are very observant of their surroundings which makes them quite  exceptional watch dogs. It takes the slightest sound to wake them from the deepest of slumbers.

One little westie called Hamish that had been rehomed by Westie ReHoming was affectionately known as ‘The Neighbourhood Watch’ in his village as he didn’t miss a thing that was going on.  One night, in the wee small hours he gave the alert and no amount of persuasion would silence him. Not wishing to be ignored, Hamish jumped up onto the bed and barked loudly in his owner’s ear and that did the trick. “Maybe he has a ‘call of nature” he thought, and muttering under his breath he made his way to the door to let him out into the garden.  It was then that he saw two men emptying his neighbour’s shed of a number of valuable  garden tools, and he raced to the phone and dialled 999.  Hamish’s barking however sent the men packing before the police arrived and the next day the neighbour brought around a big box of dog treats for brave little Hamish as reward for his night’s work. He was quite a celebrity in the village after that, and no-one ever complained about his barking ever again!

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