PLEASE Help Find Angus

You may have seen in the news recently, or certainly on social media about Angus, a lovely little westie that has gone missing from Falkirk in Scotland. We spoke to Angus’ devastated owner last week and it was a heartbreaking conversation. It’s any dog owner’s worst nightmare and we’d ask you to share and try to get him back to his family where he belongs.

The wee westie was last seen at the Kelpies marina while he was out on a walk with his owner David Docherty on Saturday, February 27.  David said: “He ran off behind the coloured huts and we haven’t seem him since. He was wearing a tartan collar and a Julius KP harness.”   

David and his wife Susan have been searching, with the aid of search and rescue volunteers, media coverage, and over 33k facebook users since February 27th of this year. He said, “We will not stop looking for Angus until he is found”. 

He must be somewhere, and as time goes on, it looks increasingly like someone has him in their care.

There is a substantial £5000 reward for information leading to Angus’ recovery funded by a GoFundMe page via Facebook.

The CCTV at The Kelpies Marina was under maintenance at the time Angus was last seen by David, therefore there is no footage to view during this time. 

David contacted Scottish Canals, Community Trust, and Councillor Balfour regarding possible footage at the time of Angus’ disappearance , in order to ascertain any information leading to Angus’ whereabouts.

A spokesperson for Scottish Canals contacted the owners after the Easter Weekend to tell them, regrettably there has been no recordings in storage during this period as it was at a time where ongoing maintenance was carried out to upgrade the system.

 There is a huge emotional impact on the family when their dog goes missing which can’t be overestimated. It can tear your heart apart. We pray for the safe return of Angus and everyone can play their part by sharing the post. Remember though that a haircut will make a world of difference to how a dog looks and therefore how recognisable it is. Angus is microchipped and has a distinguishing feature that means his owners can prove without a shadow of doubt that he is their dog.

Susan says, “Whoever has Angus will realise by now he has health issues. Arthritis in front legs but more worrying is keratoconjunctivitis sicca and this is a painful condition for ma wee boy which can lead to blindness. He has costly medication from the vet to control this. Whoever has him will be ignorant to this. My dog will be in pain and you will have a costly vet bill each month”.

It is probable that Angus has been ‘Stolen by Finding’ and David says “We appeal for you to let Angus go so that he may return to us. Our life is in limbo until he returns home safe! If anyone knows anything please tell us in confidence by Private Message on the ‘HelpFindAngus’ Facebook Page or by calling 07845 119299.”

(Angus by the Kelpies in Falkirk, from where he went missing)

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