Puppy Playtime (video)

In 2016 we rescued a bitch and her three tiny puppies, from a puppy farm. To make up for their poor start in life they all had the very best of everything, two of our own rescued girls helped mum with the pups’ care, and all the dogs helped them enormously with their socialisation and education. They turned into bonny westies, therefore we were surprised and devastated to hear at their 10 week vet check prior to rehoming that Missy the only female had a very serious heart condition that meant that she could have died at any moment.

Surgery could offer her a total cure, but it was not without a large element of risk, and she was so tiny and fragile. We were lucky to find a canine cardiac specialist who was willing to take on her case, and at the tender age of 12 weeks old she had major, very intricate heart surgery.

A real little fighter, Missy not only survived the surgery but bounced back within no time at all. What a little star!

Missy had the very best of care 24/7 and it was so easy to fall in love with her, who couldn’t??

Eventually she was rehomed with a delightful young family who have now taken on two male westies too. But Missy rules the roost and her surgery was happily 100% successful.

She became a Kennel Club Calendar girl when she was featured in their 2017 Breed Rescue Calendar and was invited to Discover Dogs to promote the calendar. She had a wonderful day out with her family and took it all in her stride, enjoying the fuss and adoration which was very well deserved.

Little did anyone know when I took the following video of Missy and her two brothers just a few days before the fateful vet check that she had such a serious, life threatening condition. The video brings back some wonderful memories and so we thought we’d share it here.

Missy, Calum and Rory having fun in the garden

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