POLLY – left us on 29/10/2015 aged 15 years.

Polly we miss you each and every day

We miss you in the morning
When we get out of bed
Asking for your breakfast
Demanding you be fed
We miss your cheeky character
You didn’t need to talk
Letting us know
You want a biscuit or a walk
We miss the gentle tap
Upon our foot to let us know
Hey I’m here can you see me?
I need a cuddle don’t you know
We miss that every evening
Eight o’clock upon the dot
You would jump down from the sofa
Wag your tail until a treat you got!
We miss your very presence
A quiet gentle soul
Only wanting to be with us
Was your only goal
Polly we miss you
Each and every day
We were lucky that we had you
What more can I say xxx