Howloween – Cesar ad

Featuring Westie ReHoming’s Dennis

In 2015 we were approached by a film producer asking if we would be willing to take part in a Halloween Cesar mini ad at very short notice. We decided that Dennis would fit the bill admirably, being of a laid back disposition, and looking particularly gorgeous as I had just finished grooming him. And so Dennis and I set off for a wonderful location in Dorset where the filming was to take place, a little apprehensive but rather excited!

Dennis was a great hit with all the cast and thoroughly enjoyed his time with them and I was on set throughout the filming to ensure his comfort.

Our boy handled it all like a real pro and took everything in his stride and I was so proud of him.

He was a particular hit with the leading man as well as young Honey Mae, his leading lady.

I’m sure that not many people realise the time it takes to make such a small production, and in this case for a one-minute film! Filming began at 3pm and carried on until 3am the next day, with just two breaks for refreshments and a rest break. Dennis of course had many more breaks while the others worked on around him.

At the end of the shoot at 3am, Dennis and I enjoyed what was left of the night being put up in luxury accommodation in an antique four-poster bed.

What an experience for both of us, and what a superstar our boy turned out to be.

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