Beautiful rescue westie Barney celebrated his birthday last week, and with a little help from his ‘mum’ Lauren Kerrison raised a whopping £730 in honour of the event. Just 16 years young, he is bright as a button and Lauren wanted to give other rescue westies the same chance that he has had at a … Read more


SOME TIPS TO HELP YOUR PET SURVIVE BONFIRE NIGHT – (the Silly Season is upon us again!) Bonfire night can be a very scary time for pets, particularly if your dog is particularly sound sensitive. It is now fashionable to have firework displays at any time of year bringing untold misery for your pets, particularly … Read more

Flaming June Has Arrived

17th of June, 2017 – Temperatures set to soar, and a testing time for our pets. See our tips to help them cope. CARING FOR YOUR DOG IN HOT WEATHER HEATSTROKE A dog’s temperature is normally between 101.5F and 102.5F, and the average healthy dog’s body temperature is 101.5 ºF / 38.6 ºC. They regulate … Read more

By Popular Demand, Our Car Stickers Are Back !

WRH Car Sticker

7th of March, 2017 – with a new design BY POPULAR DEMAND, OUR CAR STICKERS ARE BACK – with a new design! Supporters have been asking for a long time when they would be available but the problem was finding a supplier that could produce them for us at a reasonable price. After deliberating over … Read more

A Rustle of Spring

20th of February, 2017 – and promise of good days ahead We have had a welcome reminder during the sunny spells of the last week that Spring is just around the corner. It has been good to walk the dogs in the garden and enjoy the snowdrops and early spring flowers. Spring for some people … Read more

Love Your Westie On Valentines Day

5th of February, 2017 – Show your love with some homemade treats CHEESY HEARTS INGREDIENTS: 150g cheese, 300g oat flour, or any mixture of oat, buckwheat, rye and rice flour,Beef, chicken, duck or goose dripping to mix, a little water, 2 eggs METHOD: Grate the cheese, soften the dripping.Mix all the ingredients until the consistency … Read more

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Westie ReHoming

30th of December, 2016 – Looking ahead in 2017 (Have you ordered your Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar with Westie ReHoming’s Missy as ‘Miss January’? Only £5 to help KC Breed Rescues We received an unprecedented number of enquiries and requests for help in 2016 which must reflect the growing crisis in rehoming. We … Read more

Our Westie ReHoming Christmas Ad – VIDEO

24th of November, 2016 – A puppy for Christmas? Please don’t be tempted. Puppies for Christmas………please don’t be tempted. A puppy is never a good surprise gift, especially at Christmas. A cute puppy stumbling out of a pretty Christmas box is a frightened confused baby that has just been taken away from its siblings and … Read more

Autumn Newsletter 2016

27th of September, 2016 – Now online – the Westie ReHoming Newsletter Click Here to read the latest news from Westie ReHoming

Temperatures rise – Summer is here!

7th of May, 2016 – Some tips to keep your dog cool Most people are loving the warmer temperatures after the dire winter weather, but spare a thought for your dog who may be struggling to keep cool. Shaving your westies will make it worse as their skin will then be exposed to UV rays … Read more